Semiconductor Equipment

Reliable and Advanced Technologies for the Next Generation

Our refined polishing technologies are involved products for our Semiconductor Equipment Division and that are used in daily. Almost all areas of life, including
information media, have been highly computerized. This necessitates that semiconductors and electronic devices become increasingly evolved.

The Semiconductor Equipment Division supplies systems for ultra-precision finishing categories including grinding, CMP/polishing, lapping and slicing. Okamoto
positively promotes research and development in both hardware and software so as to quickly satisfy customers’ requirements for advanced technologies. We will
continue to boldly challenge the expansion of new businesses with an “ever onward” spirit.

  • Chemical Mechanical Polishing - SPP600S

    Designed to polish semiconductor materials such as silicon, carbide, ceramics, brittle materials & metal

    Stable uniformity & edge shape is achieved by our unique polish head design & temperature control system

    Pad surface, bulk condition & surface temperature detector system are available as options

  • Lapping Machine - SLP15T

    Designed to precision Lap semiconductor materials such as silicon, carbide, ceramics, brittle materials & metals

    Duplicate lapping stations are used in the desk top model

    Compact enough to fit on a standard workbench and cost effective in operation

  • Grinding Machine - GNX200BP

    Fully automatic continuous down-feed grinding machine

    A three-point grind spindle angle adjustment mechanism is utilized for easily maintaining wafer profile (ttv)

    The local polishing unit removes subsurface damage for increased wafer die strength, & able to handle final thickness of 50 microns