Corporate Milestone

1926 Kakusaburo Okamoto established the Okamoto Special Purpose Machine Tool Works
as a privately owned company.
1935 Incorporated as Okamoto Machine Tool Works, Ltd. with Head Office at 3-4 Ginza,
Kyobashi-ku, Tokyo.
1953 Developed column cross feed type Surface Grinding Machine Model PSG-6.
1957 Developed Internal Grinding Machine Model IGM-1E.
Development and production setup for all types of machine tools,
including surface grinding machines completed.
Capital increase to 30 million yen.
1961 Developed Gear Grinding Machine Model SHG-2 with worm type grinding wheel.
1963 Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange, 2nd Section.
1972 Established USA subsidiary Okamoto Corporation.
1973 Established subsidiary Okamoto (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.
Gear Division of Hiroshima Plant was made independent and incorporated
as Okamoto Gear Co., Ltd.
1982 Annaka Plant in Gunma Prefecture completed and started production.
1987 Established subsidiary Okamoto (Thai) Co., Ltd.
1989 Completed 2nd expansion of Annaka Plant.
1991 Okamoto enters an engineering and marketing collaboration with
The Gleason Works of Rochester, NY (USA) related to gear equipment.
1992 Established Okamoto Machine Tool Europe GmbH in Germany.
1995 Established Okamoto Southeast Asia sales and service branch in Singapore,
Okamoto Machine Tool Works, Ltd. Singapore branch.
1996 Developed Full Automatic Grinder VG502MKII8.
Awarded with JSME (The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers) Medal.
2001 Developed Back Grinder GNX300P dock with Scanning Polisher System for
Wafer Thinning Solution.
2002 Established Okamoto Machine Tool (Shanghai) Office.