Surface Grinder

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Ultra Precision Surface Grinding Machine

Double V longitudinal slide-way ensures accurate straightness

High rigid structure supports Cross feed movement on guide ways, guarantees very accurate cross movements

Cover designed for the use of high pressure coolant systems

  • Saddle type - ACC 63 DX

    Range of machine chuck dimensions from 500x200mm to 1000x500mm

    Designed to handle optimized wide construction, and adequate rigidity for heavy duty grinding

    High powered cartridge type grinding wheel spindle with precision angular contact bearing

  • Column type - ACC126DX

    A wide range of machine chuck dimensions from 1200x500mm to 3000x800mm.

    Suited for all types of grinding, spindle is a cartridge type, sealed and lubricated for life with impeller ventilating heat away from the motor

    Gravity-feed automatic lubrication system for way surfaces

  • CNC Crossrail - PSG-CHNC

    Double column type and high rigidity structure made suitable for large workpieces exceeding 800m wide

    V-V guideway is adopted to the longitudinal slideway, with highly precise scraping finish

    Built-in program of all automatic cycle from grinding to dressing